Energy and Climate Economic Modeling, Prague, 3-4 November 2016

The conference Energy and Climate Economic Modeling has stimulated the exchange of ideas on new empirical research in energy, climate and environmental economics and policy analysis.

Three key-note speeches and twenty-five presentations have been delivered. Most of papers and presentations delivered at this conference can be downloaded above.

It was the 18th Annual Conference on Environmental Economics, Policy and International Environmental Relations. The University of Economics Prague and Charles University had organized this event. It was part of ECOCEP project Economic Modeling for Climate-Energy Policy.


Conference schedule

Thursday, 3 November


Welcoming of participants  

09:00 Introduction
Milan Ščasny (Charles University)

Key-note speaker 1
Chair: Milan Ščasny (Charles University)

Green paradox
Robert Cairns (McGill University)


Session 1 – Stated preferences
Chair: Anna Alberini (University of Maryland and FEEM)

To mitigate or not to mitigate: the price elasticity of pro-environmental behavior
Johannes Diederich, Timo Goeschl (Heidelberg University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Increasing the influence of CO2 emissions information on car purchase
Ricardo A. Daziano (Cornell University), E.O.D. Waygood, Zachary Petterson, Markéta Braun Kohlová (Charles University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Using expert elicitation to reduce benefit transfers: an application to the Baltic Sea
Heini Ahtiainen (Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE), Adán L. Martínez-Cruz (ETH-Zurich)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Public acceptability of climate change mitigation policies: discrete choice experiments in three European countries
Milan Ščasný, Iva Zvěřinová (Charles University), Mikolaj Czajkowski (University of Warsaw), Eva Kyselá (Charles University)
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12:20 Lunch

Key-note speaker 2
Chair: Anna Alberini (University of Maryland and FEEM)

Climate policy with declining discount rates in a multi-region world: back-of-the-envelope calculations
Rick van der Ploeg (Oxford University)


Session 2 – Electricity markets
Chair: Silvester van Koten (CERGE-EI) 

Does daylight saves energy? A meta-analysis
Tomas Havranek (Charles University and Czech National Bank), Dominik Herman, Zuzana Irsova (Charles University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

The impact of renewable energy on electricity transmission system in Central Europe
Lukáš Rečka, Karel Janda, Jan Málek (Charles University)

The impact of behavioral and structural remedies on electricity prices: the case of England and Wales electricity markets
Sherzod N. Tashpulatov (Czech Technical University)

Willingness to pay for green electricity in the Czech Republic
Jan V. Novák, Milan Ščasný (Charles University)
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Session 3 – Negotiations, coalitions and agents
Chair: Petr Šauer (University of Economics Prague)

Conditional pledges in climate agreement negotiations: how far can they carry?
Florian Landis (ETH-Zurich)
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Power measures: theory and application to agriculture and environmental issues
Vera Zaporozhets (TSE)
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Possibilities of multi-agent model of decentralized energy sources
Jarmila Zimmermannová, Čermák Petr, Adam Pawliczek (Moravian University College Olomouc)
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17:45 End of the day
19:30 Dinner at restaurant 


Friday, 4 November

08:30 Welcoming of participants 

Session 4 – Renewable energy
Chair: Milan Ščasný (Charles University) 

Institutions and cooperation in community-based micro-hydro energy schemes in Kenya
Edwin Muchapondwa (University of Cape Town)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

The Swiss wood market: estimating elasticities with time series simultaneous equations
Nicolas Borzykowski (HEG)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Adding fuel to fire? Social spillovers and spatial disparities in the adoption of LPG in India
Suchita Srinivasan, Stefano Carattini (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Foods, fuels or finances: which prices matter for biofuels?
Ondrej Filip, Karel Janda, Ladislav Kristoufeka, David Zilberman (Charles University, VSE Prague, University of California Berkeley)
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Key-note speaker 3
Chair: Edwin Muchapondwa (University of Cape Town)

Household energy use, energy efficiency, emissions and behaviors
Anna Alberini (University of Maryland and FEEM)

12:15 Lunch

Session 5 – Firm behavior
Chair: Edwin Muchapondwa (University of Cape Town)

Multinational corporations and the EU-ETS: Asset erosion and creeping deindustrialization
Nils aus dem Moore, Philipp Großkurth, Michael Themann (RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

The political economy of energy innovation
Shouro Dasgupta, Enrica De Cian, Elena Verdolini (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

The analysis of impact of larger aircraft A-380 on frequency of flights
Isabelle Laplace, Chantal Latgé-Roucolle, Aliya Ussinova (Toulouse School of Economics, École Nationale de l’Aviation Civle)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Economic development under climate change economy-wide and regional effects of climate change in Ethiopia
Amsalu Woldie Yalew (TU Dresden)
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Session 6 – Energy Efficiency
Chair: Irina Denisova (CEFIR-NES) 

Regional energy markets: evidence from corporate reporting
Sergey Dzuba (Irkutsk State University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Price effect on residential consumption of electricity and gas in Ukraine
Olha Khymych (Charles University), Anna Alberini (University of Maryland and FEEM), Milan Ščasný (Charles University)

Thermal insulation in apartment buildings: decision-making process and effect on energy savings
Lucie Častorálová (Charles University)
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Session 7 – Environmental economics 
Chair: Johannes Diederich (Heidelberg University)

Are sharks worth more dead than alive? A stated preference study on shark ecotourism in Costa Rica
Alicia Berrios, Milan Ščasný (Charles University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Valuing crop conservation in the Czech Republic using a discrete choice experiment
Nick Tyack, Milan Ščasný (Charles University)
[Paper/abstract] [Presentation]

Czech farmers’ perception of and adaptation to climate change risks
Zuzana Martínková (Charles University)
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Milan Ščasny (Charles University)

17:40 End of the day
19:00 Informal dinner at restaurant 


Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Petr Šauer (University of Economics Prague, Institute of Sustainable Business)
Prof. Dr. Anna Alberini (University of Maryland and FEEM)
Prof. Dr. Karel Janda (Charles University, University of Economics Prague and McGill University)
Dr. Milan Ščasny (Charles University)
Prof. Dr. Edwin Muchapondwa (University of Cape Town)

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Petr Šauer (University of Economics Prague)
Dr. Milan Ščasny (Charles University)
Dr. Jean-François Auger (Charles University)
Anne-Marie Serena Andreasen (Charles University) 
Luboš Hanus (Charles University)
Zuzana Martínková (Charles University)


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