Annual meeting of project ECOCEP took place during WCERE 2014, in Istanbul, Turkey.

ECOCEP meeting was held on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 18:15-18:45 in Room 4.



During the meeting we presented current progress of mobilitiesdiscusses areas with potential for future development and informed participants about planned follow-up project „ECOCEP 2“ under RISE program.

You may find here the presentation for the annual project meeting.


I would like to thank all participants of the meeting for their attendance. We were very happy to meet you during tight WCERE's agenda.


List of participants:

Karel Janda, Milan Scasny, Vojtech Maca, Jan Novak - Charles University

Monica Eberle, Andrea Bigano, Lorenzo Carrera, Vladimir Ostrachshenko - FEEM

Stefan Ambec, Emmanuelle Lavaine, Vera Zaporozhets - TSE

David von Below, Samuel Wills - Oxford University

Simon Dietz - London School of Economics

Jeffrey Englin - Arizona State University

Edwin Muchapondwa - University of Cape Town

Andrew Simons, Teevrat Garg, Shun Chonabayashi - Cornell University

Anna Alberini, Robert Williams - University of Maryland

Robert Cairns, Hassan Benchekroun - McGill University

Ian MacKenzie - University of Queensland

David Zilberman - University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Edwards - Australian National University


Should you have any questions regarding project ECOCEP, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jan Novak 

Project Administrator