Three types of agreements are in place for the ECOCEP: the Grant Agreement Preparation Forms, the Grant Agreement and the Partnership Agreement. These agreements are obligatory under EU regulations and are all subject to Belgian law.

Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs)
These forms contain the institution’s address and legal status and contact information of the authorised representatives and of the scientific and administrative contact persons. This information provides the basis for the Grant Agreement (GA). Signing the GPFs means that the institute confirms all contact information and that it commits itself to participate in the ECOCEP

Grant Agreement (GA)
This agreement is a standard FP7 Marie Curie Grant Agreement and is non-negotiable. It consists of the actual agreement and seven annexes. The agreement is signed by the authorised representative of the coordinator and the European Commission (EC). The annexes deal with the following:

-          Annex I – Description of Work
This annex is a direct result of the grant application that was submitted by the coordinator and the negotiation phase that succeeded it. It specifies the main objectives of the ECOCEP, the objectives of the individual work packages, the tasks and deliverables and the milestones. It also includes the secondment schedule.

-          Annex II – General Conditions
Within Annex II the general principles of the agreement are described. It records when reporting periods end, when deliverables should be met, what and when payments are made by the EC etc.

-          Annex III – Specific Provision: Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme
This annex defines some specific IRSES procedures. A few noteworthy points: a Partnership Agreement is obligatory, the salary of the seconded researcher has to be paid during the secondment period, each seconded researcher is considered to be a Marie Curie Fellow, each researcher has to be covered by an adequate health and accident insurance and, finally, the support of Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme should be acknowledged in any related publication or other media.

-          Annex IV – Form A - Accession of Beneficiaries to the Grant Agreement
This form is to be signed by the authorised representatives of the beneficiaries.

-          Annex V – Form B – Request for Accession of a New Beneficiary to the Grant Agreement
This form is necessary when a new beneficiary is added to the consortium.

-          Annex VI – Form C – Financial Statements per Funding Scheme
Template for financial reporting.

-          Annex VII - Form D and Form E

Partnership Agreement (PA)
The PA is a document signed by all partner organisations in order to have reasonable assurance that the project will be implemented in conformity with the provisions of the Grant Agreement (GA) and in line with the description of work (Annex I to the GA). The PA thus establishes a contractual relation between the beneficiaries that are acceding to the GA via the signature of Form A and the partner organisations in Third Countries that are not acceding formally to the GA via the signature of Form A.