ECOCEP Objectives

Network for joint research and high-level training

The main objective of the ECOCEP is to create and reinforce networks for joint research and high-level training of researchers in economic modelling applicable to the climate change and energy policies in the European Union and other countries. The emphasis of the ECOCEP is on the inclusion of the most excellent world-leading research institutions and individuals and on the inclusion of the best institutions and researchers at a regional level that are well-suited to cooperate and benefit from this exchange network.


Transfer of knowledge

The ECOCEP project strives to provide the most beneficial and most efficient support for transfer of scientific knowledge among the participating institutions and their researchers.

The first dimension of the ECOCEP transfer of knowledge covers the flows between the European Union and the most progressed research and academic institutions in the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

Another dimension is the West-East/South knowledge transfer among the world-leading research institutions from the highly developed countries of America, Australasia and Western Europe and the post-transition Eastern European countries and Africa. The East/South is represented in ECOCEP by the Czech Republic, Russia and South Africa.

The major means for the transfer of knowledge in ECOCEP project are: