An effective organisation for the project coordination



Over the four years of the project, the organisation of ECOCEP has implemented the secondments in order to support cooperation among the participants, the execution of the work packages at a high scientific level, and the proper financing of the secondments.

Project management

Charles University managed the project on behalf of the consortium. The project coordinator was responsible for the implementation of the work packages and the timely implementation of the secondments. The principal and deputy coordinators have been supported by a management team for the day-to-day operations.

   Project coordinator
   Prof. Dr Karel Janda

   Deputy coordinator
   Dr Milan Ščasný

   Project manager
   Dr Jean-François Auger

   Project administrators
   Mr Luboš Hanus
   Mr František Čech
   Mr Miroslav Palanský

Project committees

In addition to the management team, the project coordinator received contributions of the project committees.

First, the standing executive committee took general decisions about the orientation of ECOCEP. Notably, it reviewed the scientific and financial reports, the deliverables and other formal documents related to the project.

Second, the supervisory board ensured the alignment of the work of the staff on secondment with the specific tasks of the work packages. During the last year, it adjusted the project by redistributing the secondments in such a way as to fulfil the objectives of the work packages.

Third, the members of the local committee, who were in direct contact with the staff, provided practical guidance on having a successful secondment. They were also instrumental, for the project coordinator, as contact intermediaries.

Fourth, the work package leaders were assigned to the researchers doable, executable tasks from the work packages.

Finally, the advisory committee provided, on a yearly basis, its advice on the project.