Grant distribution

IRSES contribution

Number of seconded months * EUR 1900

Number of seconded months * EUR 2100


As agreed upon in the Partnership Agreement, each beneficiary (Charles University, FEEM, Oxford, TSE)  is allowed to withhold an amount of EUR 100 per researcher/month in compensation for the administrative work.


To be received by researcher (overhead costs substracted)

Number of seconded months * EUR 1800

Number of seconded months * EUR 2000


The payments of the individual grants are done by the beneficiaries (Charles University, FEEM, Oxford, TSE), a provision obligatory under EU regulation. This means that these instituions pay both their incoming and their outgoing researchers.

Home institutions will insure the necessary resources for the displacement of their detached researchers to the corresponding partner institute. They will commit to keep the regular payment of the home salary, stipend, or grant to the researchers during their detachment abroad.

The calculation of the duration of each secondment is based on the number of days (not on the number of months) and is calculated according to the calendar (e.g. 31 days for January and 28 days for February). 

The grant will be delivered during the secondment and is ment to cover both travel and subsistence costs.

Number of secondments per researcher is not limited, however each researcher may be supported with maximum 12 months altogether.

Duration of each secondment has to be at least 1 month.